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We are New Life.
One church, many locations.
One family, many backgrounds.
One message, many stories.
But one cross, one gospel, and one God.

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    03/22/15—His Story...Our Hope #1 People That Change

    People that finally come to a place of Genuine Change have to wrestle through several barriers. Stop hiding behind religious tradition or excuses for delay, the time for change is now. If you hear God’s voice today do not harden your heart. Come to the living water and stop trying to satisfy your thirst with temporary substitutes.

    • Meetups with Jesus #3 Born Twice

      Nicodemus was very religious and actually believed that Jesus was from God. But he was missing something important. Jesus said, “You must be born again”. For some of you this will be the most important message you will ever hear in your life. Understanding what it means to be “Born Again: is extremely important because without it you will not see the Kingdom of God.

    • Meetups with Jesus #2 Time to Change

      Today on behalf of Jesus I am asking you an important question! Do you want to get well? Do you really want to change? Many people say they want CHANGE, but they are more comfortable with an old problem than with a new solution. We have the power to make a choice. Do you want to get well? The choice is yours.

    • Celebrating 35 Baptisms

      Welcome to the family!


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    04/05/15—A.D. The Bible Continues

    5 Part series begins this Easter

    • Women's Retreat 2015

      Our annual Women's Retreat is coming up May 1-2. This overnight retreat is a powerful time of worship, teaching, and renewing your faith in Christ. Encounter is for first time attenders: This track is focused on the freedom of salvation, freedom from sinful strongholds, freedom from the poison of unforgiveness, and freedom to start new cycles of righteous living through Jesus’ power. Embrace is for returning attenders. The Embrace Track will focus on discovering who God created you to be and embracing the calling he has for you. Topics include embracing your story, your gifts, your church, and your legacy. Register for Encounter (First year attendees) Register for Embrace (Must have previously attended Encounter) $60 Early Bird through March 31, $70 Regular cost through April 24 There will be no late registrations and this retreat will sell out. Due to the nature of this conference, children under 16 years including nursing infants will not be able to attend. Marriott Hotel - 1200 Burr Ridge Parkway, Burr Ridge, IL 60527