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We are New Life.
One church, many locations.
One family, many backgrounds.
One message, many stories.
But one cross, one gospel, and one God.

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    05/22/16—Fighting for your Destiny #2 - From Affliction to Authority

    Nick Vasterella - Today we learn about the hard circumstances that we are brought through that shape us into the person that God wants us to be.

    • Fighting for your Destiny #1 - 7 Dips Away

      Pastor Mark Jobe - We all go through times of difficulty and discouragement. In your life, calling, marriage, career and health you may go through a dip. You may go from doing well and than suddenly you dip down. Some people quit or give up and stop fighting, but others realize that the dip is temporary. Life is determined by what you do with the DIP. Some of us are 7 dips away from a major life change, but it is our pride that keeps us from taking the dip. 05-15-16

    • Facing Your Feelings #6 - Holding on to your joy

      Pastor Mark Jobe – Mother’s have the import important, underpaid and (at times) under appreciated jobs in the world. Juggling responsibilities and handling all of life’s challenges can make it difficult to remain joyful and continually celebrate as we are called to do in God’s word. Today we read about how to hang onto joy during difficult circumstances.

    • Facing Your Feelings #5 - Handling Hurt

      Pastor Mark Jobe- Life is full of inevitable hurts. What we do with the hurts that we experience is key. Your hurts can either ruin you or be used to reshape you. Unless you deal with your hurts your un-dealt with hurts will end up dealing with you. If a hurt is not dealt with it tends to naturally evolve into something destructive- bitterness. Today we learn biblical principles that keep hurt from becoming a hindrance.


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    05/15/16—Love Songs

    Wisdom from the Song of Solomon

    • Father's Day

      Dad's are pretty cool. They take us to games, watch movies with us, and sometimes build amazing things. This Father's Day we want to know the coolest thing your dad has ever done. Click on the share buttons above, post your reply, and tag @newlifechicago or send us an email at We can't wait to hear your story!